We are brand equity builders

We’re a collective of skills, experience and creativity. We worked for a huge number of big companies throughout the world. We us this experience to boost the growth start-ups, scale-ups and grown ups with a mindset for change. The collective makes us lean and flexible, using the best people for the job.

We’re brand equity builders.

We’re not alone. We’re getting more and more Soundboard
Members and Advisors that think like us, work like us and help to sharpen ideas and develop growth strategies. With the Sound
Squad we can execute what’s needed, when it’s needed.

We think of brains and body
The brains does the thinking
The body executes.


It’s tough out there. 90% of start-ups fail

It’s tough out there. 90% of start-ups fail (mainly lack marketingproposition) and 70% of innovations fail (limited marketing insights and concept development capabilities).

There’s a lot to manage and sometimes needs a helping hand and create much bigger changes of succes, building Brand Equity

Gerard Hoff

Strategy Lead

Hans Rietveld

Design Lead

Tjimka Bakker

Digital Marketen & Media Lead

Tessa Hoff

Project lead

Jimmy Sutante

Creative Lead

Dhruba Mukherjee

Lead Websites & E-Commerce

Nishnant Pandey

Head of Technology

Khalya Karamina

Brand Strategy

Mike Forster

Advisor Business Strategy

Bernard Gravez

Sr. Legal Counsel IP

Boye Hartman

Advisor Start-ups & Business Strategy Soundboard China Brigade

Said Schneider

Advisor Strategy Germany

Rutger Van De Pol

Advisor Strategy & Creativity