The simplest thing

Everybody knows that creating a good post, advertisement, poster, TVC, RC, and even a full brand proposition, is all about a single minded message. But in the process of creating such a thing, two things often happen:  We either can’t make a choice in single-mindedness or More single minded messages are added…. The result is often something that’s not focussed with too much information, on too little space and so it’s difficult to understand or […]

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How come a lot of brands or companies are very boring on social media, while they know it’s very important and high on the agenda? Their not brave enough. And the funny thing is that marketing people making these decisions are the same people, together with thousands of other people who will laugh, like and share the same stuff that needed lot of bravery. You can’t always talk about the product. It’s boring, and probably the product isn’t that different anyway. […]

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How to make tech more powerful A world where it takes just a couple of weeks to copy ( new technology, it’s hard to compete on tech. Whether it’s an e commerce platform, an application, or even when it’s the technology behind a service or a product, it’s just for a moment you can have the pre emotive mover advantage. In the end, people need to know about it, the product (or service), need to […]

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