Knowledge is diversity  of accumulated experience  brought together. It’s stupid to realize that we look at the experience of an agency as a company, while the experience of the agency actually is way more than what can be seen at first glance. Let’s face it: It’s the accumulated individual experiences that is way more interesting. It’s what recruiters are looking for in people (experience, skills, personality, cultural fit, synergy), but when they’re hired we forget […]

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Instantly we see hip girls and guys with fancy laptops and headphones, in cool environments, trying to inspire investors and each other, having high-end conversations about changing the world that are shared on Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium or any other relevant medium. Probably with a feeling of empathy, almost motherly/fatherly and maybe even a sense of relieve, because it’s not us…. And that’s fine. But it’s weird. The kind of energy start-up people have is infectious. […]

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