Everybody knows that creating a good post, advertisement, poster, TVC, RC, and even a full brand proposition, is all about a single minded message. But in the process of creating such a thing, two things often happen: 

  • We either can’t make a choice in single-mindedness or
  • More single minded messages are added….

The result is often something that’s not focussed with too much information, on too little space and so it’s difficult to understand or even noticed (for consumers and customers (business).

The whole ‘thing’ becomes either too much (everything is equally important so it has to be in) or too vague (everything needs to be covered because otherwise the customer will miss it). It passes by like a ship in the dark (David Ogilvy).

But is it so hard?

A Ben Harper song called “Love and Trust’ came to mind. and starts with these lines:

“The simplest thing can be the hardest to do.
Can’t find what you’re looking for, even when it’s looking for you.”

There’s an interesting rule of thumb here: Don’t look too far, strip down to the simplest thing that still has the biggest impact for the core target.

‘Impact’ in this case simply means: Has the potential to create recognizable, relevant attention…. one driving idea that connects all the dots and triggers the target group to go find out more or remember (now or in the future, or not, and then we try again).

That trigger is important. It’s what ideally sets your brand apart. Your unique buying reason (which is bigger than usp). Get the attention first; the rest is simple(r):

Awareness > Interest > Desire > Action plus Satisfaction and Sharing. Go with that flow, step-by-step, follow the customer journey.

It’s all about love and trust-

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