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Synergy in Diversity: The Secret to Building High-Performing Agency Teams

It’s stupid to realize that we look at the experience of an agency as a company, while the experience of the agency actually is way more than what can be seen at first glance. Let’s face it: It’s the accumulated individual, diverse experiences that is most interesting. It’s what HR-people and recruiters are looking for in people (experience, skills, personality, cultural fit, synergy), but we forget about the reasons when they’re hired and try fit […]

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How come a lot of brands or companies are very boring on social media, while they know it’s very important and high on the agenda? Their not brave enough. And the funny thing is that marketing people making these decisions are the same people, together with thousands of other people who will laugh, like and share the same stuff that needed lot of bravery. You can’t always talk about the product. It’s boring, and probably the product isn’t that different anyway. […]

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