In a world where it takes just a couple of weeks to copy (any) new technology, it’s hard to compete on tech. Whether it’s an e-commerce platform, an application, or even when it’s the technology behind a service or a product, it’s just for a moment you can have the first mover advantage. In the end, in order to be successful, people need to know about it. They need to see the added value and like it on top.

Believe it or not, they – your prospects – are not interested in how you solved all the problems along the way and time you’ve put in it. They only care how the product can improve their lives and take it for granted it’s good (that’s the pre-condition).

The Cyclups project

One of our recent project is a good example of that. The old name Eco Wheat Collection no longer sufficed. They created straws and cutlery from wheat. We created a new brand name Cyclups, making sure they were different and relevant also compared to the competition.

Previous packaging

Also a simpel driving idea being ‘Back to nature’. One that connects all the dots (and vision) and has a lot richness in terms of message, design, story and creativity. Have a look at to see how, or Instagram and Facebook for the posts that were created.

New packaging

The higher the brand power the lower the sales effort

The bottomline, building a brand is about the knowing the brand, the seeing the added value and the liking it and these are all (and only) attributes that belong to a brand. Having a strong brand and a strong brand story (that’s beyond the product), creates all this. It’ s about building Brand Equity and that requires all the tools in the book.

The brand name itself, the logo, packaging design, website, social media, marketing, sales, you name it, all ingredients to create visibility, intrest and likability. The brand name also inspires the how and why on a higher level, it inspires the culture, attracts the ‘right’ people that can ‘live’ the brand and so on.

Maybe it sounds all familiar but still, it’s surprising how often it’s forgotten. In that case, let this be a reminder, there’s always a second change to make a first impression. If you’re already on it, keep on building the brand and remember:
The higher the brand power, the lower the sales effort.

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